"To Success Together!" The founders of 'Rocket' join the YARD Delivery team

In the world of startups, each new stage of development is a real challenge, but when your team includes experts who have successfully navigated this path, the next level begins. The Ukrainian startup YARD Delivery has brought on board former founders of the popular delivery service "Rocket Delivery," Alexey Yukhymchuk and Stanislav Dmytrik, ready to contribute their rich experience and knowledge to the development of the new project.

Yukhymchuk and Dmytrik gained prominence through their successful experience in founding and developing Rocket Delivery, which quickly became one of the leaders in the express delivery market in Ukraine. Founded in 2018, the service was highly valued at approximately $100 million, and held the 14th position on the Forbes list. However, in 2022, due to financial difficulties, Rocket Delivery had to suspend its operations.

Alexey Yukhymchuk: Co-founder of Rocket Delivery with extensive experience in scaling companies from scratch to an annual turnover of $65 million. He successfully built the commerce and marketing aspects of the company, managed an annual budget of $6 million, and has over a decade of experience in creating marketplaces, being a four-time founder.

Stanislav Dmytrik: Co-founder of Rocket Delivery, successfully led a team of 450+ employees, signed contracts with over 7,000 restaurants in two years, and secured deals with major international companies such as Visa and McDonald's. He was also a four-time founder.

For YARD Delivery, this collaboration marks a crucial step towards further development and consolidation in the express delivery market. The experience of Yukhymchuk and Dmytrik in launching and developing similar projects is invaluable, and their addition to the YARD Delivery team will enable the company to implement new strategies and solutions more quickly and efficiently.

Now, as competition in the express delivery market is growing, working with such experienced professionals will prove to be a significant advantage for YARD Delivery.
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